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There once was a pup...

He said to himself, "I want to grow up to be the Best-looking and Healthiest Dog in the whole neighborhood".

"So, I know", he continued, "that I need to get my owners to find Happy Dog's Grooming! The other dogs tell me that they really care about us dogs and know how to keep us looking good!"

But, alas, the little pup, despite all his barking about Happy Dog's Grooming, could not make himself understood by his owners. He was terribly sad.

Then, one day when he was talking to another dog in the park, he found out that Happy Dog's Grooming now had a website - and he knew he had to find a way to let his owners know about it.

And so he asked all his friends to help him find a business card from Happy Dog's Grooming. Finally, a little Pekingese whom he knew very slightly, but secretly wanted to know much more about, brought him a partially chewed on card and said, "I hope this will help you." Then, blushing ever so slightly, she turned and walked away with a parting message, "My owner takes me there on Wednesdays."

He was thrilled! He gingerly picked up the business card, trying to not mangle it any more, and rushed home to drop it at his owners' feet. They glanced at his 'find', picked it up and read it, made some comments and patted his head affectionately.

His thoughts raced... would they take him to Happy Dog's Grooming? Would they take him on a Wednesday? What would he say to the Pekingese?

He knew his life was about to change for the better!

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